Our coffee shop Kaffestugan is open during library hours. We carry a variety of Scandinavian baked goods for sale and pre-order, including:

    • Wienerbrød (Danish)
    • Kanelbulle (cardamom cinnamon roll)
    • Chokladbiskvi (Swedish chocolate macaroon)
    • Toscabakelse (almond toffee pastry)
    • Mazarin (almond-filled pastry)
    • Prinsesstårta (green marzipan torte)
    • Semlor (during Lent)
    • Waffles
    • Open-faced sandwiches
    • Coffee, tea, and assorted juices

**All items listed are subject to change.**

The first Saturday of the month features baked goods from the Danish Pastry House in Watertown, MA.  All other Saturdays the baked goods are from Crown Bakery in Worcester, MA.

To reserve baked goods from Kaffestugan, e-mail Gittan with “Kaffestuga order” in the subject line.