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Swedish Movie: The Emigrants (2021)

Scandinavian Library 206 Waltham Street, West Newton

Based on Vilhelm Moberg’s much-loved suite of novels — previously adapted in 1971 by Jan Troell into an Academy Award-nominated classic — The Emigrants tells the story of Kristina Nilsson (Lisa Carlehed), a mother who leaves poverty-stricken Sweden with her family in the 1850s on a long, dangerous journey to find a better life for […]

Finnish Movie: The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titantic

Scandinavian Library 206 Waltham Street, West Newton

An intense movie, shot from a blind man’s perspective. An atypical action/ thriller film about a man who has to go through hell to reach his loved one. Jaakko is blind and disabled, tethered to his wheelchair. He loves Sirpa. Living far away, they have never met in person, but they meet every day over […]

Danish/Icelandic Movie: Godland

Scandinavian Library 206 Waltham Street, West Newton

The struggle between the strictures of religion and humankind’s brute animal nature plays out amid the beautifully forbidding landscapes of remote Iceland in this stunning psychological epic from director Hlynur Pálmason. In the late nineteenth century, Danish priest Lucas (Elliott Crosset Hove) makes the perilous trek to Iceland’s southeastern coast with the intention of establishing […]